Split Stations

Station 一覧

EnergySolar Power Plant XL21,554,732-Energy Cells
Solar Power Plant L12,124,536-
Solar Power Plant M5,388,684-
Weapon FactoryImpulse Ray Emitter Forge2,362,060-Impulse Ray Emitter
High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge6,987,760-High Energy Plasma Thrower
Photon Pulse Cannon Forge13,032,560-Photon Pulse Cannon
Mass Driver Forge4,212,260-Mass Driver
Ion Shard Railgun Forge10,065,800-Ion Shard Railgun
Pulsed Beam Emitter Forge9,068,568-Pulsed Beam Emitter
Ammunition FactoryAmmunition Factory2,830,680-Mass Driver Ammunition
Missile FactoryWasp Missile Factory1,675,036-Wasp Missile
Dragonfly Missile Factory,954,380-Dragonfly Missile
Silkworm Missile factory3,012,468-Silkworm Missile
Tomahawk Missile Factory2,876,128-Tomahawk Missile
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility2,876,128-Hammer Heavy Torpedo
Flail Missile Production Facility2,876,128-Flail Barrage Missile
Thunderbolt Missile Factory3,025,452-Thunderbolt Missile
Tornado Missile Factory5,810,680-Tornado Missile
Shield FactoryShield Prod. Facility 25 MJ3,427,980-25 MJ Shield
Shield Prod. Facility 1 GJ9,063,376-1 GJ Shield
Bio FactoryChelt Space Aquarium L592,496-Chelts Meat
Chelt Space Aquarium M236,972-
Scruffin Farm L799,992-Scruffin Fruits
Scruffin Farm M320,008-
Food FactoryMassom Mill L2,012,512-Massom Powder
Massom Mill M804,992-
Raster Refinery L2,512,556-Raster Oil
Raster Refinery M1,116,692-
Tech FactoryAdvanced Drone Factory3,035,320-Fighter Drone MKII
Advanced Satellite Factory3,389,028-Advanced Satellite
Chip Plant6,487,196-2Microchips
Computer Plant1,655,560-Computer Components
Crystal Fab L6,492,388-Crystals
Crystal Fab M3,285,148-
Disintegrator Rifle Fab2,246,368-Disintegrator Rifle
Drone Factory3,035,320-2Fighter Drone
Lasertower Factory1,103,708-Lasertower
Quantum Tube Fab4,590,120-Quantum Tube
Satellite Factory967,364-Navigation Relay Satellite
SQUASH Mine Factory2,019,132-SQUASH Mine
Tracker Mine Fab2,246,368-Tracker Mine
Weapon Component Factory688,192-Warhead
MineOre Mine L818,040-3Ore
Ore Mine M409,020-
Silicon Mine L1,022,552-3Silicon Wafers
Silicon Mine M499,980-
DockSplit Equipment Dock48,043,6761,500,00030,000215--
Split Trading Port29,215,7521,500,00030,000-10
ETCComplex Hub259,696----201-



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*1 Complex 建造時にこのステーションから分岐可能な数

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