Teladi Stations

Station 一覧

EnergySolar Power Plant XL18,594,200-Energy Cells
Solar Power Plant L10,459,240-
Solar Power Plant M4,648,552-
Weapon FactoryEnergy Bolt Chaingun Forge6,396,300-Energy Bolt Chaingun
Flak Artillery Array Forge11,390,248-Flak Artillery Array
Gauss Cannon Forge12,091,424-Gauss Cannon
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge2,565,792-Impulse Ray Emitter
High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge6,439,672-High Energy Plasma Thrower
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge8,997,476Concussion Impulse Generator
Mobile Drilling System Factory3,682,464-Mobile Drilling System
Ammunition FactoryEnergy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition Forge3,538,352-Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition
Gauss Cannon Ammunition Forge4,187,592-Gauss Cannon Ammunition
Missile FactorySilkworm Missile Factory2,739,788-Silkworm Missile
Mosquito Missile Factory603,792-Mosquito Missile
Cyclone Missile Factory4,161,320-Cyclone Missile
Typhoon Missile Factory9,141,284-Typhoon Missile
Tomahawk Missile Factory2,876,128-Tomahawk Missile
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility2,876,128-Hammer Heavy Torpedo
Flail Missile Production Facility2,876,128-Flail Barrage Missile
Shield FactoryShield Prod. Facility 1 MJ1,630,888-1 MJ Shield
Shield Prod. Facility 5 MJ2,150,280-5 MJ Shield
Bio FactoryFlower Farm L899,976-Sunrise Flowers
Flower Farm M360,004-
Dream Farm L687,480-Swamp Plant
Dream Farm M275,016-
Teladianium Foundry L811,548-Teladianium
Teladianium Foundry M325,008-
Food FactoryBliss Place L*23,564,320-Space Weed*3
Bliss Place M1,584,144-
Sun Oil Refinery L2,125,024-Nostrop Oil
Sun Oil Refinery M849,984-
Tech FactoryCrystal Fab L6,557,312-Crystals
Crystal Fab M3,129,332-
Quantum Tube Fab4,135,652-Quantum Tube
Chip Plant5,599,036-2Microchips
Computer Plant1,415,340-Computer Components
SQUASH Mine Factory2,473,600-SQUASH Mine
Satellite Factory831,024-Navigation Relay Satellite
MineOre Mine L849,984-Ore
Ore Mine M424,992-
Silicon Mine L905,688-Silicon Wafer
Silicon Mine M449,988-
DockTeladi Space Equipment Dock49,991,3961,500,00030,000215--
Teladi Trading Station28,241,8921,500,00030,000-∞(5)*4-
ETCComplex Hub259,696----201-



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*1 Complex 建造時にこのステーションから分岐可能な数
*2 Teladi 以外の Commonwealth 内で建造すると現地軍に破壊される
*3 Teladi 以外の Commonwealth の禁制品
*4 格納庫とフックの2系統のドッキング方法があり、括弧外が格納庫の収納可能数、括弧内がフックの収容可能数とした。
格納庫はM3 M4 M5が使い、フックはTS TP TM M6 M8が使う

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