Paranid Stations

Station 一覧

EnergySolar Power Plant XL20,567,888-Energy Cells
Solar Power Plant L11,569,436-
Solar Power Plant M5,141,972-
Weapon FactoryConcussion Impulse Generator Forge9,380,204Concussion Impulse Generator
Fragmental Bomb Launcher Forge5,126,392-Fragmental Bomb Launcher
High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge6,850,768-High Energy Plasma Thrower
Mobile Drilling System Factory4,264,200-Mobile Drilling System
Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge4,112,732-Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge
Photon Pulse Cannon Forge12,512,480-Photon Pulse Cannon
Phased Shockwave Generator Forge8,917,944-Phased Shockwave Generator
Tractor Beam Factory14,200,152-Tractor Beam
Ammunition Factory--
Missile FactoryAurora Missile Factory2,155,472-Aurora Missile
Wasp Missile Factory1,447,804-Wasp Missile
Hornet Missile Factory2,934,560-Hornet Missile
Hurricane Missile Factory2,447,632-Hurricane Missile Factory
Tomahawk Missile Factory2,876,128-Tomahawk Missile
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility2,876,128-Hammer Heavy Torpedo
Flail Missile Production Facility2,876,128-Flail Barrage Missile
Shield FactoryShield Prod. Facility 5 MJ2,150,280-5 MJ Shield
Shield Prod. Facility 25 MJ3,999,3121,000,0009,000-525 MJ Shield
Shield Prod.Facility 2 GJ13,561,300-2 GJ Shield
Bio FactorySnail Ranch L750,000-Maja Snails
Snail Ranch M300,012-
Soyfarm L1,199,988-Soja Beans
Soyfarm M479,984-
Food FactorySoyery L2,087,496-Soja Husk
Soyery M1,077,736-
Space Jewellery L2,658,632-Majaglid
Space Jewellery M1,181,616-
Tech FactoryAdvanced Satellite Factory2,616,432-Advanced Satellite
Chip Plant6,778,056-2Microchips
Computer Plant1,733,468-Computer Components
Crystal Fab L6,531,344-Crystals
Crystal Fab M3,440,9682,000,00015,000-5
Lasertower Factory1,220,568-Lasertower
Quantum Tube Fab4,590,120-Quantum Tube
SQUASH Mine Factory2,246,368-SQUASH Mine
Weapon Component Factory623,268-Warhead
MineOre Mine L993,336-3Ore
Ore Mine M494,980-
Silicon Mine L1,227,060-3Silicon Wafers
Silicon Mine M545,360-
DockParanid Equipment Dock48,368,2961,5000,00030,000215--
Paranid Trading Dock29,800,0641,5000,00030,000-5-
ETCComplex Hub259,696----201-



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*1 Complex 建造時にこのステーションから分岐可能な数

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