Terran Stations

Station 一覧

EnergySolar Power Plant XL17,607,360-Energy Cells
Solar Power Plant L9,904,140-
Solar Power Plant M6,998,796-
Weapon FactoryEMPC Forge8,563,460-Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher Forge11,965,472-Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher
Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge14,237,808-Starburst Shockwave Cannon
Point Singularity Projector Forge15,971,276-Point Singularity Projector
Ammunition FactoryM/A-M Warhead Production Fab M3,129,332-Matter/Anti-Matter Warhead
Missile FactoryShadow Missile Construction Facility2,934,560-Shadow Missile
Phantom Missile Fabrication Facility2,889,112-Phantom Missile
Poltergeist Missile Fabrication Facility2,934,560-Poltergeist Missile
Wraith Missile Production Plant10,952,660-Wraith Missile
Spectre Missile Manufacturing Facility2,876,128-Spectre Missile
Ghoul Missile Manufacturing Plant10,952,660-Ghoul Missile
Shield Factory--
Bio FactoryCarbo Cake Factory L811,548-Carbo Cake
Carbo Cake Factory M325,008-
Protein Paste Blending Facility L811,548-Protein Paste
Protein Paste Blending Facility M325,008-
Water Purification Plant M*2402,528-Water
Water Purification Plant M-
Water Purification Plant M-
Water Purification Plant L856,996-
Vita Kai Production Plant M325,008-Vita Kai
Vita Kai Production Plant L811,548-
Flavour Pack Production Facility M325,008-Flavour Pack
Flavour Pack Production Facility L805,056-
Food FactoryUSC Food Supply Factory M921,920-Terran MRE
USC Food Supply Factory L2,074,320-
Food Preparation Facility M1,038,784-C-Ration
Food Preparation Facility L2,337,260-
Tech FactoryCrystal Fab M325,008-Crystals
Crystal Fab L811,548-
Keris Drone Factory M3,129,332-Keris
Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Fab M2,246,368-Matter/Anti-Matter Mine
Hull Plating Production Facility M3,129,332-Hull Plating
EMP Rifle Assembly Facility2,246,368-Terran EMP Rifle
MineOre Mine M402,528-Ore
Ore Mine L805,056-
Silicon Mine M402,528-Silicon Wafers
Silicon Mine L805,056-
Ice Harvesting Facility M402,528-Ice
Ice Harvesting Facility L805,056-
ETCComplex Hub----201-



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*1 Complex 建造時にこのステーションから分岐可能な数
*2 3種類有る

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